Word of the Week 2020

disastrous (adjectives)

Meaning – something that is causing great damage.

Example of using it in a sentence: a disastrous fire on the common kill many of the local wildlife and nearby animals.

Spelling Tip – this is originally an Italian word meaning disaster, an event that was really not good. By the 16th century, the French added a second layer of ‘not good’ to the meaning in that: no good will come from the really not good event - basically, there is no silver lining to the bad thing. We can see that in this word it starts with ‘dis’ meaning not and the ending ‘ous’ meaning 'full of' – “full of not good”

dis +as + tr + ous

Use the word as many times throughout the week as you can. This can be verbally, in your written work or listen out for other people using it.

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