Weekly Maths Problem

At London Zoo,the small gorilla was called into his private night quarters for his dinner. As a small orphaned gorilla with a matching appetite, he eats separately from the females - otherwise they wouldn’t get a look in.

Unfortunately, the door to his den had not been properly secured and a secondary security door had not yet been locked. The crafty gorilla made an opportunistic escape from his unlocked den into the staff-only service corridor where a zookeeper was working. From there he made it out in to the big wild world. He was on the run for 73 days. 1. How many minutes was he free before he was returned to his enclosure? 2. How much would that be in seconds?

You can share your answers here on Facebook or in the forum or with me as I visit during the week. Remember you need to show your workings out to get the maximum points.


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